coinazer - Payment Links

The Simple Way to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

Level up your business by accepting over 50+ different cryptocurrnecies with ease!

No fuss. No hassle. All it takes is a fw clicks.

We have provided you with all the tools you need to launch your business to the stars. Now is the time to evolve in the Crpto E-commerce space

Standard Links

Global shareable links to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers.

Donation Links

The Project is truly worth it. With few clicks, create donation links for people to support

Custom Links

Easily generate and integrate payment links with a well structured API to suit your business

standard links

The payment solution your business has been missing is here

You don’t need a website before you start transacting. Create a link, share and receive payment globally.

  • Get customers to pay in whatever cryptocurrency that works for you
  • Create links to share on multiple platforms. Get paid from anywhere, anytime in the world
  • Collect every important detail with standard links

get started

No lines of codes needed. Just few clicks and accept payments in few minutes


Create a standard payment link

Access the payment link page under the Tools section. Create customizable links from your dashboard.


Add preferred details

Add important details about that suits your business or the transaction - description, prices, quantities, promo codes, etc.


Share the link

Copy and paste payment links across multiple platforms. Share the link to your customers anyhwere or let them scan QR if they are closeby.


Receive payment globally

Get paid in over 50+ coins. Get instant notification on the dashboard or email whenever you get paid via your payment links.

donation links

The project is worth it and needs support.

We provided you with this smart tool to allow your project grow, increase revenue and improve donor experience by accepting global payment.

  • Unmatched experience are indemnified for Donors and receipients with Coinazer
  • Choose how links appear, save donor details and add custom messages.
  • Get 100% of all donations for zero charges

how it works

With just 3 steps you are ready to get support globally


Create a donation link

Access the payment link page under the Tools section. Create a donation link to start receiving donations from anywhere in the world.


Share the link

Copy and paste or embed your donation links across multiple platforms. Get support when you need it.


Receive donation

Voila! You're all set up to start receiving donations from anywhere in the world within SECONDS at ZERO COST!

standard links through our docs

Create payment links with ease with our well structured API

Integrate Coinazer directly to your site with leading ecommerce platforms.

  • Get customers to pay in over 50+ cryptocurrencies of your choice.
  • Create and share payment links to multiple customers and get paid seamlessly and globally.
  • Collect and store important details with standard links