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Get paid globally from your customers with an authenticated bank settlements system in a single button tap

A dynamic payment button for all your crypto transactions

Get paid in multiple cryptocurrencies with a single payment button integrated to your platform of choice


Fugeonline, Ifexes Store and online stores can receive payments with automatic settlements in their preferred crytocurrency


Skip the hassle of failed Subscriptions and recurrent payments. It just got easier with our crypto option for your users.


With just lines of well structured codes, get your business global with our payment link.


Get paid with crypto in a single tap


Create a Coinazer Account

Join the group of happy people by creating a business account on the Coinazer platform. Get access to a private dashboard, API keys, and more.


Create a Payment Button

Tap the Tools section to create your payment button. Create customized logos, subscription amounts and access our payment button tutorials.


Integrate at Checkout

Enable one-click checkout from anywhere. Your customers can choose from a list of stablecoins to make payments and you get automatic settlements in USDT.


Receive payment globally

Get paid in over 50+ coins. Get instant notification on the dashboard or email whenever you get paid via your payment links.

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